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  look kiddies we are not jack booted thugs who handcuff 8 year old children and force them to take drugs. were the police and were here to help you! and you little b*stards better not tell mommy and daddy what happened in class today! got that!!

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School Board will discuss inquiry into handcuffing

Katie Ruark The Arizona Republic Dec. 12, 2005 12:00 AM

PHOENIX - A law firm tasked with investigating how Lakeview Elementary School officials handled an incident involving an 8-year-old student who was handcuffed and force-fed medication in class has completed its investigation.

The Washington Elementary School Board will discuss the findings in an executive session today, followed by a public meeting where officials could take personnel action related to the case. Currently, the school's principal and psychologist are on paid leave because of the Nov. 15 incident, which began when the girl's mother called police saying she could not control her daughter.

Police arrived and handcuffed the girl with her mother's permission and took her to the school near Peoria and 30th avenues. The class then witnessed the girl being handcuffed, restrained by her feet and forced to take prescribed medication.

The children were later told by school officials not to tell their parents, according to the parents and their children. School officials held a public meeting later that week to address the community's concerns and let parents know that they had retained the law firm Quarles and Brady Streich Lang to conduct a private investigation into the incident.

The firm conducted interviews with several staff members, parents and students, said Deanna Rader, the law firm's lead investigator.

Principal Cherri Rifenburg and school psychologist Burke Bretzing helped the police officer restrain the girl in her classroom, and were placed on leave. School officials also acknowledged that the pair forced the girl to take prescribed medication.

The Phoenix Police Department is conducting its own internal investigation into the actions of its officer, William Buividas, 22. That investigation is not yet complete and he has continued to work, said Phoenix police spokesman Tony Morales.

The girl has not attended school since the incident, but school district spokeswoman Karyn Morse said they think she will eventually return.

On Nov. 22, a Phoenix police sergeant made a presentation to the girl's third-grade class about how police are friends and here to help.

Reporters Josh Kelley and Judi Villa contributed to this article.