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  Watch out american!!! Air Marshals will now be killing people on trains, subways, and buses just like the London Pig murdered Jean Mendez!!!

Original Article

Air marshals spreading out

USA Today Dec. 15, 2005 12:00 AM

WASHINGTON - An anti-terrorism test program is sending federal air marshals into train, subway and bus stations in six cities as part of a plan to occasionally use the armed agents on mass transit other than airplanes.

The three-day test in Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia is exploring whether the marshals and other Transportation Security Administration officers could be sent out quickly to mass transit systems if intelligence indicates there's a threat.

Amy Von Walter, agency spokeswoman, emphasized that there is no new intelligence indicating a threat.

During the staggered three-day tests, which began Wednesday and run through Saturday, marshals are working with local and transit police in subway, train and bus stations.