the cops at scottsdale community college have sign posted all over saying that they videotape the place 24 hours a day. it wasnt until Michael Fischer parked his expensive hot rod under a video camera to protect it, and then when it got stolen that we found out that the cops at scottsdale college never put tape in the cameras.

Scottsdale college's security cameras working again

Dec. 11, 2005 12:00 AM

Scottsdale Community College's security cameras are up and running again after almost four months, but not soon enough for one student whose car was stolen from a campus parking lot.

"I couldn't believe it, especially since (surveillance warnings are) posted all over the place," Michael Fischer, a business marketing student, said of there being no record of the midday theft. "It gives you a false sense of security."

In late August, lightning disabled the camera system that monitors parking lots and some interior walkways, leaving the campus unmonitored.

Scottsdale Community College has averaged about one car theft per year for the past several years and Fischer's, taken in late September, was the first this academic year.

Fischer said he said he deliberately parked his 1992 limited-edition Ford Mustang so it would be in view of a camera.

- Elias C. Arnold

Status: Cameras in the parking lot of Scottsdale Community College are up and running again.

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