AOL has been ripping off people on their bills for as long as I can remember. Back in 1997 I was required by American Express to get an AOL account which I used when I wrote software for American Express. Every month I would give AMEX a copy of my AOL bill and they would pay me for it.

When I quit working for American Express and canceled my AOL account AOL continue to bill me for 5 months, and continued to bill my credit card dispite the fact that I sent them numerous letters telling them I didnt want their fucking shitty account and didn't use it because I no longer worked for American Express!

AOL to pay $25 mil in suit Firm charged without consent

Thom Weidlich Bloomberg News Jan. 7, 2006 12:00 AM

NEW YORK - America Online Inc. agreed to pay customers as much as $25 million to settle claims that it wrongly billed them for some online services and products.

America Online, part of Time Warner Inc., the world's largest media company, charged customers for services and products such as an AOL Desk Planner without consumers' consent, plaintiffs in several proposed class-action lawsuits claimed. The plaintiffs also said AOL billed customers for accounts after they tried to cancel them.

"AOL strenuously denies the plaintiffs' allegations, or that a class manageable for trial is certifiable," the settlement administrator, Garden City Group Inc. in Melville, N.Y., said Friday in a statement. "AOL is settling this action simply to avoid the burden and expense of litigation."

Besides making cash compensation, AOL will provide account credit, forgive unauthorized charges and donate services to charity, the statement said. AOL will pay as much as $8 million in fees to the customers' lawyers, the agreement says.

The plaintiffs were represented by law firms including Freed & Weiss of Chicago and the Lakin Law Firm of Woods River, Ill.

Cash compensation for individuals will depend on whether the customer previously complained to AOL and can provide documentation of the billing. The amount paid on each claim may depend on the number and amount of valid claims received, the settlement said.

Class members must complete a two-page claim form following four pages of instructions, return any merchandise they didn't order and submit any supporting documentation within 60 days of court approval of the settlement.

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