before the messy yard law was selectively enforced on a few people. now the messy yard laws will be selectivelly enforced on lost of people!

Tempe panel backs boosting code staff By Garin Groff, Tribune January 26, 2006

A rental housing task force has called on Tempe to bolster code enforcement staffing to target bad neighbors.

The extra code enforcement effort is one of the key weapons Tempe needs to deal with the growing problem of blighted rental homes, members of the ad hoc task force said as the group met Tuesday for the last time.

The task force included student renters, homeowners, landlords and three City Council members, who all seemed pleased with the plan they assembled over the last several months.

Some renters and task force members said they initially feared the city would impose overly strict regulations on renters or landlords. But they found the proposals reasonable.

I see no reason why anybody should complain, said Tom Reade, a renter who spoke to the task force.

The task force called for the following actions by Tempe:

Add code compliance officers. Enforcement suffered because half the eightperson unit was not staffed part of last year. Councilman Ben Arredondo called for 10 part-time employees, saying retired city residents would be ideal candidates. The larger staff would do more proactive enforcement and expand hours to cover weekends. The extra staff wouldnt target just rentals, but look at all residential property.

Create a city database of rental properties with current ownership information. The city now relies on county records that either are outdated or incomplete.

Assemble information packets to remind landlords and tenants of city codes. Arizona State University would help distribute them, as college students generate a major portion of complaints.

Require landlords to provide parking for all homes on the property and not on the street. Homes can use up to half the front of a property for parking.

The task forces recommendations will go to the council for discussion on March 23.

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