one of these years go to las vegas and check out the "Shooting, Hunting and outdoor trades show". who knows it could be better then CES :)

Event offers plenty of gadgets Fresh ideas on display at S.H.O.T. show

Margie Anderson Special for The Republic Feb. 14, 2006 12:00 AM

Each year, the shooting, hunting and outdoor trades gather to show off their newest gear and do some business. The S.H.O.T. show this year in Las Vegas covered the equivalent of 15 football fields and featured 13 miles of aisles to wander through. As always, there were plenty of great new outdoor ideas.

Axis Outdoors offers folding polypropylene dishes. These Orikaso dishes store flat and come in an envelope, and you simply fold up the corners to make dishes, bowls and cups. These are perfect for camping, boats and RVs. They run about $4 each and you can get them by visiting

These days, outdoors enthusiasts have a need for power. GPS units, walkie-talkies, cellphones, and even laptop computers often make it out into the field. At home during a disaster, we might not be able to rely on the power grid. The answer is the Emergency Charge System from DKM Solutions. Load it with nine AA batteries and it will give you up to 300 hours of charge. Any device with a 12-volt (car) adapter can be used with the ECS.

There is an industrial model for about $60, and a plastic model for $50. Having one of these in your car or boat could save your life someday. It would also be ideal for your home emergency kit. Check them out at

You've seen trailer hitch covers featuring propellers, baseballs, even fish? Now there's one for the shotgun enthusiast. The 12-gauge trailer hitch cover looks like the bottom of a shotgun shell and is made from solid metal. It fits all 2-inch and 1 1/4-inch receivers and costs about $27. Go to

Another cool item for shotgunners: the Shotpak shotshell holder. Hang it on your belt or shooting vest and it delivers your ammo to your hand just like those can holders you can put in your fridge. They also have Shotpaks for rifle ammunition, as well as an entire line of vests and bags designed to work with them. Individual Shotpaks cost just about $25, and that includes a nylon cover. See the whole line at

If you have ever tried to learn to call ducks or turkeys on your own, you know how difficult it is. How are you supposed to know if you're doing it right? A company called For The Birds has the answer: the Identiflyer. This is a hand-held device about as big as a Palm Pilot. There are a bunch of different cards available for it, from songbirds to predators.

Slip a card into the front of the unit, then press the button next to the photo of the bird you want to hear. The turkey card has recordings of champion callers as well as live turkeys, and even comes with a booklet full of tips and techniques for calling.

The Identiflyer is ideal for hunters as well as birders, and it costs around $50. It comes with three cards, and you can get additional cards for about $10 each. They've even got a digital alarm clock that uses the same cards. Visit for more information.

Gun safety is always the priority of all S.H.O.T. show retailers and attendees. Every year new types of locks and safety devices are introduced. This year, a lock called Child Guard stole the show. This lock offers quick access but keeps the trigger locked until you remove the unit with a key.

It's reinforced with tungsten carbide so it can't be smashed or sawn open, and pegs that you insert yourself make the Child Guard a custom fit for every pistol, rifle and shotgun you own. Nothing has to go down the barrel or through the breech, so you don't have to worry about damaging your gun, either.

The best news? It retails for $30, and the company is giving 20 percent of the profits to charity. Available at

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