This sounds like it is a violation of federal law. One of the Tempe bus drivers told me that by federal law they have to rotate the "super-duper" and the "super-krapy" buses over ALL the routes serviced. I suspect this law is to prevent governments from say putting the "super-duper" buses in the white part of town and the "super-krapy" buses in the black part of town.

The example the tempe bus driver gave me is that all the nice buses with leather seats are used for the "express routes" (510-590) which mostly take government buerocrats to work in downtown phoenix and at the state capital, while the adverage and kruddy buses are used for the normal bus routes such as the red line.

Nice buses - for that side of town

Feb. 18, 2006 12:00 AM

Regarding "Riders can keep cool in new buses," about 10 new buses with "super-duper" air-conditioning (Valley & State, Feb. 9):

Too bad I won't get a chance to ride in one. I live on the west side, and, according to the article, they're all going to be used in the southeast Valley. I guess I should move to the east/southeast Valley if I want new freeways or new buses.

Abel Cruz Phoenix, Arizona

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