Anna Nicole Smith tones it down Visits high court clad as a widow

Tanika White Baltimore Sun Mar. 1, 2006 12:00 AM

Anna Nicole Smith wants the public to think she is a sexpot but wants the U.S. Supreme Court to think she is a classy, grieving widow.

Smith, a former Playboy model, hasn't actually said that is what she is trying to accomplish, but her clothes say as much.

On Tuesday, Smith appeared outside the Supreme Court, prepared to battle over her late husband's fortune. She dressed like a Hollywood starlet headed to a funeral: black overcoat, black dress, black hose, big black sunglasses.

It was in stark contrast to Smith's normal attire. The voluptuous bottle-blonde usually is poured into something hot pink or siren red.

Her skirts are generally micromini, and her tops appear to be Frederick's finest.

So it was smart of Smith to realize that "blond bimbo" is not a good look when one is about to stand before Supreme Court justices.

Still, she didn't get the new look entirely right.

"She is trying to look respectable, but black is not a color of respect; it's the color of austerity, like she's in mourning," said consultant Sandy Dumont, who calls herself the Image Architect. "And it's really too late for her to project that image.

"It makes her look like a femme fatale."

Smith would have done better in a Chanel-esque tweed number or a simple St. John's knit suit, Dumont said. And she should have chosen lighter shades, such as pale blue or soft pink, which suggest innocence.

"She should have gone for 'sweet and nice, going to play bridge with the girls,' " Dumont said, "as opposed to 'going to seduce another rich, old guy.' "

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