Tempe City Council candidate Ben Arredondo seems like a liar who will say anything to get your vote!

doesn't this answer sound like an answer from someone who will lie to get your vote?

What is the most important issue of this campaign? The most important issue is the issue that is important to each individual citizen


Tempe City Council candidate: Arredondo by Grayson Steinberg published on Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Ben Arredondo

Name: Ben Arredondo

Age: 58

Occupation: Educator, Tempe City Councilmember

How long have you lived in Tempe? 58 years

Why are you running for City Council? I am running for Tempe City Council because I believe it is the responsibility of citizens to contribute to the general good of the community in which they live. My skills in motivation and problem solving demonstrate an ability to bring people together to achieve desired outcomes. With an extended family of more than 80 members living in Tempe, it is important to me that Tempe be a vibrant, healthy place to live. I know many Tempeans, and I know Tempe, both its strengths and weaknesses. I believe in taking action to improve our quality of life and have built a reputation as someone who works for the citizens I represent.

What experience qualifies you to serve on the Council? Past/Current Community Service: -Housing Policy Institute 2000, NALEO -Youth, Education and Family Committee, National League of Cities -Hispanic Elected Local Officials Board of Directors -National League of Cities -Maricopa Association of Governments Youth Policy Committee -ASU Athletic Director Executive Search Committee, 2000 -Consultant, Arizona Attorney General's Office on Youth Programs -Arizona Governor's Council on Health, Physical Fitness and Sports -Greater Phoenix Economic Council -City of Tempe boards and commissions including: Public Works and Transportation, past chairperson; Public Health and Safety, chairperson; Youth and Family Services, past chairperson; Economic Development; Community, Schools, Higher Education --Partnerships, past chairperson; Neighborhood Enhancement, past chairperson; Ad Hoc Human Relations Committee; Rental -Housing Committee, vice chairperson -Super Bowl Advisory Committee -Tempe Community Council -Tempe Community in Schools -Governor's Alliance Against Drugs, Tempe Task Force -Arizona Coaches Association, Board of Directors -Founder, Arredondo Scholarship Program

Elected/appointed public offices: -Tempe Elementary School Board, 10 years -Maricopa County Supervisor, two years -Tempe City Councilperson, 12 years

What is the most important issue of this campaign? The most important issue is the issue that is important to each individual citizen. The second most important issue is electing a candidate who will listen respectfully to that issue and then demonstrate leadership in finding a solution. I believe I am that kind of candidate.

What kind of relationship would you hope to have with ASU? I have a close relationship with ASU and consider it a major contributor to the positive quality of life in Tempe. ASU is my alma mater. My five brothers, children and wife also graduated from ASU. In terms of cooperation, I believe that during the past four years, Tempe and the University have really moved forward together. Together, the homecoming parade and events have grown, we worked to replace the loss of the Fiesta Bowl with the new Insight Bowl, we brought many voices together to improve the rental-housing codes and address housing issues so students can be assured of decent living conditions. The newest areas of positive interaction are the bio-tech and information technology arenas. We are working to encourage the development of both these areas to benefit both the University and the city.

What do you think is the most important issue regarding student housing? The most important issue is making sure there are enough safe, decent housing options for students.

How do you think ASU and Tempe should each do their part to address that issue? ASU is doing their part by building more on-campus housing for students and making an effort to see that campus housing is up-to-date with adequate study, tutoring and technology access for on-campus residents.

Tempe has just completed a rental-housing task force to deal with the issues of landlords who do not maintain and properly meet their obligations. This task force was composed of ASU students, ASU administration representatives, general citizens, landlords and city council and staff. We will implement their suggestions and adjust the ordinances as we see how they work.

Why would ASU students want to re-elect you? What sets me apart from any other candidate is my proven record in getting things done, my willingness to listen to all sides of an issue with an open mind and my work ethic, which keeps me on task to accomplish what I say I will do. I may not have the support of other councilmembers on every issue that I bring forward, but I guarantee that if constituents bring me an issue, I will speak out clearly and forcefully to try to change minds and gain support for things I believe are for the good of Tempe. I say what I believe to be true, I follow up my words with actions, and I believe in the decision-making process of the elected Council. I believe this clarity and cooperativeness make me an effective, productive councilperson.

What is the No. 1 thing you think needs to change in Tempe? I am looking forward to the completion of the light rail, surrounding freeways and Valley-wide improvement in mass transportation, including neighborhood buses. This is the only way we will improve the traffic congestion which currently plagues Tempe.

What do you think is the most positive contribution students make to Tempe? Students are optimistic, energetic and innovative. It is the enthusiasm of young people that inspires older citizens to keep working for better solutions. The older students bring the balance of experience to the younger students, thus making the University a reliable source of forward thinking for the community.

What do you think is the most negative contribution students make to Tempe? When students do not view themselves as part of the Tempe community, they may forget how their actions impact other non-University citizens.

Profiles compiled by Grayson Steinberg. Reach the reporter at grayson.steinberg@asu.edu.

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