Too bad this doesnt happen on a daily basis. We would have a much better government. A dead government rulers is always better then a living government ruler.

State Sen. Jarrett dies after collapsing in office

The Arizona Republic / 12 News Mar. 10, 2006 08:20 AM

State Sen. Marilyn Jarrett died early Friday after suffering a possible stroke in her office at the Legislature on Thursday.

Jarrett, 67, of Mesa, was breathing but was not conscious about 2 p.m. when paramedics transported her from the Senate to St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, where she was described as being in critical condition Thursday night.

A hospital spokeswoman said Jarrett died early Friday but declined to provide a cause of death, the Associated Press reported.

House Speaker Jim Weiers gave his members an update on Jarrett's condition about 7 p.m. Thursday before leading them in a prayer for her well-being.

Sen. Robert Cannell, a pediatrician, helped render first aid to Jarrett before paramedics arrived. He said he suspected that Jarrett had suffered a stroke or some other kind of seizure.

Jarrett was taking a nap in her office after lunch when her assistant, Connie Dow, noticed that her breathing did not sound normal.

Cannell praised Dow for her awareness and quick thinking.

Jarrett had served in the Senate since 2001, when she was appointed to replace Sen. Rusty Bowers, who had resigned. She was elected to the House in 1995. She had served as majority whip in both chambers and was currently the Senate president pro tem.

Although she was not yet term-limited, Jarrett was not running for re-election. Instead, she was a candidate for a justice of the peace seat in Mesa.

Jarrett and her husband, Howard, have five children and 14 grandchildren.

Senate President Ken Bennett led senators in a prayer for their colleague and then adjourned the Senate until Monday.

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