'No new taxes' slogan is misleading

Mar. 10, 2006 12:00 AM

Phoenix is calling for nearly $900 million in new bonds to fund more spending. Further, they say this won't require new taxes.

The "no new taxes" slogan makes it sound like the program will be free. It's not. It will cost taxpayers about $2 billion in principal and interest to pay off the bonds. Well, then, how can the city get away with claiming there will be no new taxes?

Well, they won't need new taxes. You may remember receiving a letter from the county assessor in the last few weeks showing that the assessed value of your home has gone up by about 50 percent. This means that even with no new taxes, the amount you will have to pay will go up.

Whether the amenities the city is promising to deliver are a better use for your money than what you would've done with it is open to question. After all, government is not renowned for wise investment.

Given the tendency of government to squander money and the dishonesty of the "no new taxes" propaganda, a "yes" vote on Tuesday would be a dubious leap of faith.

John Semmens Chandler, Arizona

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