mmmm.... grapefruit pie

OK, here's recipe for grapefruit pie

Mar. 18, 2006 12:00 AM

OK, OK, I'll give you the recipe for grapefruit pie. It's against my better judgment, because I think grapefruit pie sounds terrible, but so many of you have called or written to ask about it that I'm going to print it anyway.

First, however, we are going to consider today's questions.

Is 12 p.m. noon or midnight?

According to The Republic's stylebook, midnight "is part of the day that is ending, not the one that is beginning." It's easier just to use the terms "noon" and "midnight" to avoid the a.m./p.m. question. Outside my office in Flagstaff last week, there were about 20 robins in a juniper tree. They were eating the berries, making a lot of noise and the front of my car was covered with disgusting bird poop. Do the birds get intoxicated from the berries or do they just party because they're happy?

If the blueberries or juniper or pyracantha berries become fermented, the birds can get loaded. Juniper, after all, is an ingredient of gin.

As a newcomer to Arizona, I would like you to explain what the dew point is. This was never a part of the weather report where I lived before.

Trust me, lady, there's a lot of stuff that's different around here.

The dew-point temperature is the point at which water condenses out of the air. In other words, dew forms.

It's a big deal around here, especially in the summer, because evaporative coolers don't work well when the dew point is high.

OK, here's the pie recipe:

This is what you need: A 9-inch pie shell, four or five grapefruits, three-quarters of a cup of sugar (to taste), one-third of a cup of corn starch and a pinch of salt.

This is what the guy named Wally who sent this to me said to do: Take out the grapefruit sections and place them in a strainer. Let it stand in the refrigerator a few hours. You should have at least one and two-thirds to two cups of juice. Place one cup of juice, sugar, corn starch and salt into a deep pan. Over medium to high heat, stir constantly so not to scorch. Turn down the heat but keep stirring and boiling until mixture is clear and thickened. Take remaining juice, add two drops of red food coloring, just for color, and add to mixture and continue stirring and cooking until thick. Remove from heat, cool to touch, and add grapefruit sections and stir into mixture. Pour into the pie shell and cool in the refrigerator.

Don't say I didn't try to warn you.

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